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Ultimate Guide To Banarasi Cotton Silk Sarees Wholesale Market in Varanasi

February 15, 2024

Varanasi the city of lights famous for its temple, river Ganges, and rich silk weaving tradition. Originating from historic looms of Varanasi the banarasi cotton silk saree is a blissful blend of breathable cotton and luxurious silk. 

Decorated with intricate motifs inspired by Mughal art and architecture, vibrant colors, and dainty brocades this saree embodies a legacy that stretches to annals of time.

As you step into Varanasi's wholesale markets, you'll find yourself in a world where tradition meets commerce. The narrow streets are flooded with shops and stalls, offering a diverse range of banarasi sarees.

As you walk through these streets, you'll see artisans showcasing their craftsmanship, and the vibrant colors of mesmerizing banarasi sarees. Purchasing from these wholesale markets offers you various advantages including cost-effectiveness and a wide variety of choices.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Varanasi's wholesale market scenario.

Know about banarasi cotton silk sarees

Banarasi cotton silk saree is a versatile combination of cotton and silk threads that can be worn for both formal and informal wear. Several intricate steps and skilled craftsmanship are involved in manufacturing this elegant and comfortable saree.  

Here is an overview of the manufacturing process-

Yarn preparation

Premium quality silk and cotton yarns are chosen for the weaving process.


Then yarns are dyed in vibrant colors depending on the design and pattern of the saree using traditional methods.

Design mapping

The craftsmen create designs of intricate floral and Mughal designs and patterns that will be woven into the fabric. 


This is the main process where the art of skilled craftsmen takes the final shape. Artisans carefully interlace silk and cotton threads to create desired patterns.

Zari work

This is done using metallic silver and gold threads with a lot of precision to carve intricate borders and designs. 

Finishing touches

After the weaving, the saree is washed , polished, and ironed to give it the desired sheen and texture.

Types of banarasi cotton silk saree 

Jamdani banarasi cotton silk sarees

Light as a feather, this handwoven saree is weaved with fine pure organic cotton and gold threads with popular motifs such as Panna hajar (thousand emeralds), kalka (paisley), butidar (small flowers), fulwar (flowers arranged in straight rows), tersa (diagonal patterns), jalar (motifs evenly covering the entire saree), duria (polka spots) and charkona (rectangular motifs).

Kora banarasi cotton silk sarees

Kora banarasi silk saree refers to a type of silk that has a slightly rough texture. This blend not only brings together the luxurious feel of silk but also introduces the comfort and breathability of cotton. 

Tissue banarasi cotton silk sarees

Tissue is a lightweight banarasi transparent fabric woven when with cotton and silk threads forming a unique and mesmerising combination of Tissue banarasi cotton silk sare. They are adorned with intricate zari work and are very popular among women.

13 ultimate tips for buying banarasi cotton silk sarees from the wholesale market in Varanasi 

1. Visit Varanasi

To get actual insights into the wholesale market scenario you should visit Varanasi.

2. Search for wholesale markets

You can search the internet or ask your friends and relatives who have ever been to Varanasi.  Some top-rated ones are Vishwanath Gali, Thatheri Bazar, and Chowk.

3. Connect with local traders and manufacturers

When you enter a wholesale market the foremost thing is to establish contact with local traders and manufacturers Because they are very well know about the market and new trends, prices, and quality standards.  

4. Attend textile fairs and exhibitions

Textile fares are an outstanding platform to connect with traders, wholesalers, and manufacturers and know about the latest developments and trends. Hence, it's necessary to attend these fairs and exhibitions to stay updated. 

5. Fabric quality

Genuine Banarasi cotton silk sarees are woven using high-quality silk and cotton threads. The premium silk and cotton are soft, breathable, and smooth and exude a regal feel. Be cautious if the fabric feels rough or too synthetic.

6. Handwoven craftsmanship

Authentic Banarasi sarees are meticulously handwoven, with patterns created by skilled craftsmen. This manual process results in various cuts and irregularities in the weave, setting them apart from machine-made sarees, which have cleaner and more uniform patterns.

7. Zari's work authenticity

The intricate zari work on genuine Banarasi sarees is crafted with fine gold or silver threads, showcasing the detailed skills of the artisans. Genuine zari has a metallic appearance, while artificial ones have a shiny finish.

8. Feel the saree weight

Banarasi cotton silk sarees, crafted from rich silk and pure cotton with intricate zari work, carry a substantial weight. If a saree feels unusually light, it may indicate the use of synthetic materials.

9. Price indicators

Since weaving a Banarasi saree involves skilled labor and premium fabric, meager prices might be a red flag for authenticity. Genuine Banarasi sarees come at a certain cost due to the manual craftsmanship and quality of materials.

10. Look for Mughal-inspired motifs

Pure Banarasi cotton silk sarees feature Mughal-inspired motifs such as Amru, Ambi, and Domak. Additionally, the sarees exhibit fine zari floral and foliage themes like kalga and bel. These intricate banarasi saree patterns showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of artisans and are rare to find in duplicate sarees.

11. Negotiate and compare prices

It is advisable to visit several wholesalers and compare prices, designs, and quality before making a final purchase. When shopping in a Varanasi market, you have the option to buy from multiple suppliers, so it is highly recommended to negotiate prices to secure the best deal.

12. Check for certification

Wholesalers and manufacturers who produce genuine silk products receive Silk Mark certificates. These certificates guarantee that the silk fabric is entirely natural and pure.

The Silk Mark tag on the fabric comes with four distinctive features:

  • Hologram
  • Unique Serial Number
  • Silk Mark Logo
  • QR Code (containing information about the authorized user)

To verify the authenticity of a Silk Mark tag, you can use a scanner or your mobile phone to scan the QR code. After scanning, a link will appear, leading you to the details of the authorized user.

13. Build trust and long-term relationship

Effective communication forms the foundation of every successful business. Building trust and cultivating long-term relationships is crucial to build a positive and lasting partnership.


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