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Popular Designs in Katan Silk Kadhwa Banarasi Saree

December 25, 2023

Have you ever wondered about the magic that goes into creating the stunning Katan Silk Kadhwa Banarasi sarees that seem to exude tradition and grace? Banarasi silk sarees are often adorned with beautiful and intricate designs derived from different regions of India or outside it and passed down through generations in the handloom textile industry.

Let's explore the varied designs that can be incorporated into the luxurious Katan silk saree using the intricate Kadhwa weave. 

Today, we’ll discuss the popular designs in the Katan Silk Kadhwa Banarasi saree. 

What is Kadhwa technique?

When making Katan Silk Kadhwa Banarasi sarees, expert artisans use the supplementary weft weaving method. This means they add extra patterns to the silk fabric by hand, needing a lot of care and skill. The weaver mixes these extra threads with the basic threads of the saree, creating detailed designs.

What's special about Kadhwa is how it captures traditional artistry. Whether it's floral, butti, Meenakari, Jangla, or Jamwara, each motif is carefully made by hand. The weaver's hands move with skill, weaving threads with care to bring out every detail on the fabric.

The weaver makes a design template, often inspired by nature, Persian art, or traditional styles. This design guides the detailed weaving. The weaver then skillfully adds this design to the silk fabric, thread by thread.

The extra threads, forming the added patterns, are woven into the fabric so they blend perfectly with the main weave. This blending creates a harmonious and beautifully textured saree, with the motifs standing out in fine detail.

Designs in Katan silk Kadhwa banarasi saree

Now, look at these popular designs that are crafted on Katan silk Kadhwa banarasi sarees. 

Floral Designs

Floral patterns on Katan Silk Kadhwa Banarasi sarees, which date back to the Mughal Empire, capture the spirit of the beauty of nature. Lifelike flowers, vines, and leaves are expertly woven onto the silk fabric by artisans. 

To achieve a smooth transition between the floral motifs, additional weft designs are manually added during this painstaking procedure. As a result, the saree has a natural charm about it, with every petal and tendril highlighting the wearer's grace.

Butti Designs

Butti designs, characterized by small repetitive motifs, find their roots in the traditional aesthetics of Banarasi weaving. These classic banarasi saree patterns, ranging from geometric shapes to tiny flowers, create a mesmerising texture across the fabric. 

Crafted through the Kadhwa technique, each butti is meticulously woven by skilled artisans, contributing to the overall subtlety and sophistication of the saree. The precision of these miniature motifs showcases the unparalleled mastery of the weavers.

Meenakari Designs

The fusion of the Kadhwa technique with Meenakari, a centuries-old art of adding colourful enamel to metal surfaces, results in vibrant and eye-catching designs. Originating from Rajasthan, Meenakari designs on Katan Silk Kadhwa Banarasi sarees boast a rich palette and intricate detailing.  

The colours, meticulously added to the silk, enhance the visual appeal of the saree, creating a harmonious fusion of two traditional crafts.

Jangla Designs

Jangla designs draw inspiration from the untamed beauty of jungles, reflecting a narrative rooted in nature. Traditionally associated with a remarkable blend of rich banarasi weaves & our culture, these designs feature lush foliage, exotic animals, and meandering vines. 

The craftsmanship involved in creating Jangla designs is a testament to the weaver's skill, as each thread intricately contributes to the portrayal of a wild, enchanting landscape.


With origins in Persian art and culture, Jamwara designs exude opulence and grandeur. Elaborate patterns, including intricate paisleys and floral vines, are woven into the fabric using the Kadhwa technique. 

The meticulous craftsmanship involved in creating Jamwara designs makes them synonymous with regal occasions. The banarasi saree making a fashion comeback by reflecting the amalgamation of Persian aesthetics with the intricate weaving traditions of Banaras

Final Thoughts 

These are the most popular and commonly used designs on Katan silk Kadhwa banarasi sarees. We encourage you to choose one of them the next time you purchase a Banarasi saree. Katan silk Kadhwa Banarasi saree is a testament to the handloom Banarasi saree culture and you should embrace it as a Banarasi saree lover.

Anvisha boasts a large collection of pure Katan silk Banarasi sarees woven using intricate weaving techniques, including the Kadhwa technique, which depicts various detailed designs. Each saree in our collection represents skilled craftsmanship and the weeks-long work behind it. 

So, when you step out for your next shopping adventure, remember these beautiful designs and pick a stunning Katan silk Kadhwa Banarasi saree for yourself, or surprise your loved ones with this exquisite choice.

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