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Dive Deep Into The Varieties Of Banarasi Sarees & Their Origins

April 18, 2023

Do you know what attire is making waves, not just in the Indian fashion industry but also in the world? Yes, you guessed it right! It is the saree. Sarees are not just any attire worn by women in India and across the globe.

A saree is the national dress for Indian women and has a deep-rooted and centuries-old history. When speaking of sarees, one simply cannot forget about Banarasi sarees. Banarasi sarees are those graceful and undeniably beautiful attires whose grace is unparalleled. 

For ages, Indian women have adored and embraced these elegant sarees for various occasions and events. Not just for Bengali weddings, Banarasi sarees are worn in our country for almost all auspicious occasions.

Be it functions, festivals, or any other occasion; an Indian woman knows she cannot go wrong with a Banarasi! 

Have you ever wondered why Banarasi sarees are still in trend even though their origins date centuries? No? Let us enlighten you.

Even with the advancement of technology, these gorgeous draperies are woven using native hand-woven techniques. No matter how intricate and complex the embroideries and designs are, they shine once these draperies are ready, and everyone stares! 

Let us now dive deep into the varieties of Banarasi sarees and their origins. 

Banarasi sarees are the dream drapes of every Indian woman. No matter the part of the nation a woman hails from, there is bound to be love for these delicacies in her heart. Such is the charm and elegance of these timeless drapes.

Speaking of drapes, Banarasi sarees are available in various heart-winning varieties. Banarasi sarees can be categorized based on material, weave, and design. Let us now look into each of these beauties and learn more about them!

Types of Banarasi Beauties

Katan Banarasi Saree

Katan Banarasi Silk sarees are among the most beautiful and exquisite Banarasi sarees in India. These mesmerizing drapes are crafted using the finest silk and showcase intricate embroideries.

The design work is dotted with gold or silver zari threads. The beauty of these drapes is the lovely and quaint Mughal-inspired motifs. The luxurious and lustrous feel makes Katan Silk sarees effortless and timeless.

The rich and magnificent appeal of these sarees makes them the top choice for weddings and other grand occasions. This exceptionally tasteful Silk quality has its roots in Persia and was popularized in India during the Mughal reign. 

Brocade Banarasi Saree

Brocade Banarasi sarees are those exquisite and delicate drapes that showcase a raised pattern. These tasteful drapes are ethereal and offer the wearer a rich look. The opulent and appealing look of these sarees is heart-winning.

These beautiful sarees showcase gorgeous floral and geometric patterns. These sarees are crafted using traditional brocade patterns and are decorated with gold or silver threads.

After the Mughal reign, Mughal-inspired motifs such as Paisley got popularized. Brocade Banarasi Silk has its roots in the Middle Ages; however, it came into India much later via the Silk route. 

Organza Banarasi Saree

When speaking of Banarasi sarees, Organza Banarasi sarees cannot be left behind. These rich and regal-looking drapes have remained a wardrobe mainstay in every woman’s closet for the longest time.

These tasteful drapes are perfect for all dressy events, including weddings, festive occasions, and other grand-scale functions. The sheer look of this fabric is the most appealing part about them. The lightweight and sheer yet rich look of these sarees makes them popular among brides, elites, nobles, and royal families. 

Georgette Banarasi Saree

Georgette Banarasi sarees are a timeless blend of traditional and contemporary fashion. These fine drapes are the first choice of the modern Indian woman. The lightweight, free-flowing, soft, and comfortable fabric of these draperies is why they are adored and worn across the country.

The best part of these sarees is they can be styled easily. It is simple to dress up or down using equally elegant accessories and jewelry pieces. Georgette Banarasi sarees can be dyed in any color and are of various kinds, including thread work, zari work, self-border, and contrast border. 

Chanderi Banarasi Saree

Chanderi Banarasi sarees have roots in the Chanderi district of Madhya Pradesh. Their history dates back to the 13th century and has been adored since the beginning of time.

These timeless beauties are enriched with zari and fine brocade work. The beauty of these drapes lies in the pure silk qualities they are crafted using.

The exceptionally exquisite motifs and designs, including animal, floral and metallic, are awe-striking. The intricate and complex embroideries are why these flawless drapes take a long time to complete. 

Tussar Banarasi Saree

Tussar Banarasi sarees are crafted using a silk form that has an uneven texture. These sarees are finely designed and exude royalty. The beauty of these drapes lies in the sheer, unique and uneven texture of the fabric.

These tasteful beauties are available in several vibrant hues and showcase ethereally-gorgeous traditional motifs. Tussar Banarasi sarees are the perfect attire for every occasion, including weddings, festivals, and intimate gatherings and celebrations.

What makes Banarasi Sarees so special?

Banarasi sarees are those elegant and fine-looking attires whose beauty is hard to compare. These royal-looking drapes have been worn in our country since the beginning of time.

Be it any occasion or celebration; these sarees are the first choice of every Indian woman. There is something extraordinary about these sarees.

The origin of these sarees has their roots in Banaras (present-day Varanasi) but are embraced by women across the globe. These drapes are essential to our rich Indian culture, and every Banarasi saree showcases it beautifully in its folds. 

What really catches the eye is the wide variety in which these sarees are available. No matter your style, preference, or budget, you sure can find a Banarasi sarees that speaks volumes about your personality.

If you are in Banaras and looking for an authentic Banarasi saree shop in Varanasi, you can visit Anvisha.

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