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A Sneak Peek Into The Roots Of Banarasi Sarees In The Holy City Of Banaras

December 26, 2022

Fashion trends are ever-evolving. Every season, there is a new trend that is nowhere to be found in the next one. But guess what? There is an Indian attire that never goes out of style. Do you know what that is? Yes, we are speaking of the ever-gorgeous and vibrant Banarasi sarees. Banarasi sarees are undeniably the most exquisite and beautiful form in the world. India is a land of diverse cultures, and there is beauty everywhere. 

Banarasi sarees have their roots in the holy city of Banaras (present day, Varanasi) but are fondly appreciated and worn across the country. There is something about these timeless attires that make them ethereal and tasteful. This lovely form of sarees sure has come a long way. From once dressing royalty, it has now taken over the contemporary fashion world. This exquisite form of sarees is crafted using the finest silk quality and is dotted with intricate and complex designs. The gold and silver zari work are what makes these beauties stand out! 

Let’s discover the history and origin of these mesmerizing banarasi drapes and why they are still in trend. 


The Birth of Banarasi Sarees

The history of Banarasi sarees is nearly as old as our rich Indian culture. Some believe that the earliest traces of these sarees can be found in the Mahabharata era. However, the popularization took place much later, around the 19th century. Did you know that we have the Mughals to thank for the magnificent Banarasi sarees? Even today, Persian and Mughal influences are reflected in these gorgeous drapes. The Persian motifs are timeless and a heart-winning addition to these drapes. The introduction of designing and weaving during that era can be owed to the Mughals. 

Slowly and steadily, the Banarasi weave became popular among the subjects of the Mughal empire and gradually began being worn throughout the country. This exquisite material took over the world of the Indian fashion industry, and the rest is history. 

The Popularization of Banarasi Sarees

As designing and weaving flourished, the eye-catching material began to be used for dressing and draping royalty. Long and enriching dresses were made using the spectacular Banarasi weave. It is believed that the royal women used to adorn the Banarasi weave dresses every day and used to change their attires nearly 2-3 times a day. Once worn, they were handed down to the servers of the royal kingdom. This is how the weave was popularized among the subjects of the empire. 

What makes Banarasi sarees oh-so-beautiful are the richness of the fabric and the quaintly timeless motifs. Even though the history of this weave dates back centuries ago, it still is in trend. It is reigning in the world of Indian fashion and sarees. 


Banarasi Sarees in the Contemporary World

It is a true wonder that Banarasi sarees are not only prevalent in today’s world but also adored and widely worn. The city of Banaras is renowned for being the home of these beauties, and even today, weavers work tirelessly to keep the legacy and art alive. Banarasi sarees showcase the real aura of the rich Indian culture. Native weavers and artisans have beautifully preserved the tradition of handweaving these attires despite the advancement of technology and the increase in machine-led industries. 

With changing times, the need for innovation arises in almost every art form. Banarasi sarees are no different. It is heart-warming to see a lovely combination of conventional and contemporary design in the modern-day scenario. If you buy a Banarasi saree today, you will surely see traces of Mughal influence and modern designs. 

Banarasi sarees are not just any saree; they symbolize royalty, taste, and class. The rich history of these beautiful drapes is evident in every single fold. Indeed nothing can match or come near the elegance of these radiant attires. 

Conventional Vs. Modern Designs

With the advancement of time and technology, nothing remains the same. And this holds true even for our beloved Banarasi sarees and their world. Every individual has their style and preference. While some women prefer to adorn themselves in traditional designs, others love to mix things up. The modern-day woman prefers to flaunt what we call the perfect marriage of old and new. Several Banarasi sarees available in the market today speak volumes of the mix of both designs. 

Not just dressy occasions, modern-day brides even prefer Banarasi sarees for their big day! The unparalleled beauty and the enrichment of these lovely drapes have found themselves in the wedding couture of modern brides. And why not? We all love a hint of conventional traces on such auspicious occasions!


The Glorious City of Banaras

Despite technological advancements and evolving times, the city of Banaras continues to serve its purpose. For ages, it has been renowned for being the home of everyone’s favorite Banarasi saree and will continue to remain so. The greatness attached to these sarees is why they are loved even today. These sarees and the silk gained recognition even before our country found independence, even before our ancestors came into the world, and most importantly, in a non-digital era. 


Final Thoughts

Banarasi sarees are those elegant drapes that are continued to be adored no matter what. No matter the age or century, these sarees have remained a wardrobe mainstay since the beginning. And the holy city of Banaras continues to be known for these elegant attires. 

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