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The Special Significance Of Banarasi Sarees In Weddings

January 18, 2023

Banarasi sarees are the epitome of Indian traditional attire. In this fashion-evolving era, these are still loved for their intricate embroidery and beautiful designs on soft silk fabric and are in huge demand among new-age women including brides.

These sarees have an unmatched blend of class and refinement. The history of Banarasi sarees begins during the Mughal Empire when Muslim weavers first arrived in Banaras and began weaving these kinds of sarees. A banarasi saree for weddings is a popular choice due to its unrivalled and exquisite elegance.

However, do you know about the significance of the banarasi sarees in our culture and why these enjoy such hype at Indian weddings? 


Banarasi Sarees: Significance In Indian Weddings

Banarasi sarees, which have their origins in Banaras, are a significant component of India's handloom industry and are widely produced throughout the nation. These sarees are an integral component of Indian culture and are highly regarded for their elegance, uniqueness, and cultural significance. These sarees have been worn by women since ancient times. They were popular among royals during the Mughal era, and their use is also mentioned in the Rigveda.

The majority of families in the city of Banaras have been producing and weaving Banarasi sarees for a very long time, and they have passed this weaving skill and artistry down through the generations. Banarasi sarees are renowned in India as the perfect traditional attire, however, they have also become very popular all over the world.

Banarasi sarees are well recognised for their complex and vibrant patterns, which are frequently made from luxurious materials like natural silk, using gold, and silver threads. A single Banarasi saree requires a high level of expertise and labour, taking weeks or even months to create.

Banarasi sarees are seen as a representation of elegance and grandeur and are frequently worn during weddings, festivals, and religious occasions in India. Banarasi sarees are a staple in Indian wedding rituals. Bengalis especially consider it auspicious to wear Banarasi sarees at their wedding. 

These masterpieces come in a wide variety of fabrics, styles, designs and colours which require different weaving techniques to make them look incredibly unique. Each type has its own fan base, no doubt. You can flaunt any of the banarasi saree types given here on your wedding day.

Learn here about them and choose your favourite type of Banarasi saree. 


Banarasi Sarees Varied Styles & Design Types

Banarasi sarees have undergone numerous changes over the years and are influenced by various cultures that were prevalent in the past. It takes skills, labour, hard work, and weeks to complete making one banarasi saree.

Although they were primarily made using silk, however, different other materials and weaving techniques are being employed nowadays to provide versatility to these delicacies and that’s where these opulent sarees make their mark.

Some of the popularly known types of banarasi sarees are given below which may help you distinguish among them:


Banarasi sarees made of Katan are the most popular for weddings because of their brilliance and shine. Katan is a pure silk fabric made from top-grade silk yarn.


This fabric has exquisite embroidery and zari that gives it a shiny appearance. It is manufactured by weaving together cotton, gold, and silver threads.


S- and Z-twisted yarns are used in both the warp and the weft of a plain weave to create this fabric. Women of today's generation favour it since it is lightweight and comfortable.


Banarasi sarees of this fabric have the most stylish and laid-back looks because they are lightweight and can be worn as typical daytime attire. On the shattir fabric, any modern and luxurious design can be produced.


The most traditional and gorgeous kind of bridal banarasi saree is called jangla. As the name implies, this style combines exquisite weaving on the border of the saree to symbolise fauna or plants and creates a flawless drape.


Colorful silk yarn is used to create these patterns. They are frequently chosen for weddings because of their distinctive paisley or labyrinth designs. They are most renowned for their smooth texture and beautiful patterns with bird or floral themes.


 It is the most common style of bridal banarasi sarees which features stunning buti motifs woven with actual gold, silver, and silk strands throughout the entire length of the saree.


This cutwork pattern is produced on a banarasi saree with blended silk and cotton yarn and has flowers, creepers, or leaves on a plain texture.


This style of banarasi saree includes elaborate zari embroidery, and the border and pallu are decorated with hand-made paisleys, making it the style that is the most sought style.

Apart from these, banarasi sarees special use beautiful zari embroidery which captivates the eyes of the beholder. Zari banarasi sarees are perfect to flaunt on special occasions to mark the significance of the day and make it memorable. Additionally, net banarasi sarees are also popular among modern women for wearing to parties or casual occasions. 

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Final Thoughts

Don't you already have a Banarasi saree? What are you waiting for? We are here to help you to get a banarasi saree that suits your taste in clothing. Anvisha offers collections of selective banarasi sarees for weddings especially designed for women who are seeking a traditional and contemporary fusion, (special bridal collections for brides-to-be).

Get a gorgeous banarasi saree and highlight your presence at the next event you show up to. 


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