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Latest Colour Combinations of Banarasi Sarees

May 30, 2023

The most exhilarating and eye-catchy feature of an authentic Banarasi saree is in its colours.

The vibrancy of silk and lustre of the real gold embroidery get enhanced with the right colour selection.

The beginning popularity of the Banarasi style favoured solid-coloured sarees.

This may be evident in historical evidence, which holds records of red, green, blue, saffron, and black as the most popular colour choices for a traditional saree.

However, as fashion evolved, designers and creators experimented with the aesthetic appeal of the sarees.

Modern experiments and fusion are challenging the conventional approach to styling.

This expansion has led to the emergence of trendy and appealing colour combinations. 

These combinations elevate the age-old elegance and legacy of the timelessness of the original results.

Let us dive into exploring some of the top combinations and understand their impact on your fashion choices. 

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Top trending colour combinations of Banarasi sarees

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to combining colours for a saree. You may choose any shade or hue as per your liking.

However, we have listed the top picks based on high fashion trends, popularity, and recommendations.

You may choose or alter them to fit your expectations and preferences. 

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Deep red and gold 

Starting with a timeless classic, red is the most versatile colour in Banarasi fashion. It is a staple for a bride at every Indian wedding. 

It is also a monumental part of various festivals and cultural celebrations. Combined with the finesse of intricate gold zari, it highlights the depths of the reds in the silk. 

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Cream and black

If you wish to make an unforgettable fashion statement with subliminal impacts, this colour combination will never fail you. 

A tasteful blend of contrasting colours helps you stand out from the mundane. You can get a solid black saree with cream borders, or vice versa, and add to the boldness of a Banarasi saree. 

Maroon with silver 

If you truly wish to shimmer the place with a bold yet classy statement, this colour combination is a perfect choice. 

Maroon transfixes the eye while silver adds a wave of subtle yet distinct sparkly undertone. If you are dressing to kill, a maroon Banarasi with silver embroidery will do justice to you. 

Peacock blue with pink

Blue and pink are parallels that never coincide but somehow always work. When thoughtfully designed on a saree, the result won’t disappoint. 

Many designers have experimented with various distinctions in these shades to develop never-seen-before combinations that add a sense of vibrancy, joy and attraction.   

Bottle green and golden 

Shades of green are a unique and eye-pleasant colour choice for sarees. When talking about specific shades, bottle green is a common favourite.

The intense depth offers an outstanding visual treat. When adorned with subtle yet impactful addition of gold borders or embroideries, you will affirmatively turn heads and attract praise for your fashion choices. 

Purple and golden 

Purple is the epitome of royalty, while gold has a lifelong association with richness. When combined, the resulting outcome is no less than a regal treat for the eyes and the wearer. 

The extravagances of the colours highlight the intricacy of the saree’s silk. This combination is a definite showstopper for high-end events.   

Pink and yellow 

The divine femininity of pink and the striking appeal of yellow are a no-fail recipe for captivating the eye.

A double-coloured Banarasi with a balance of these shades brings a sense of ethereal liveliness to the wardrobe of every saree enthusiast. 

White and golden 

White embodies a sense of untainted purity, peace and sophistication. The richness of white silk is enough to leave people awestruck. 

Adding the dazzling touch of golden borders or embroidery will only add to the classiness of your saree collection.

Investing in a high-quality white Banarasi is the key to getting assured compliments.  

Dark green and maroon 

These two are among the darkest shades in their respective colours.

Despite the similar undertones, this combination is a unique and complimentary blend that aligns well with traditional and emotional sentiments.

Many celebrities can be seen adorning this combination with full joy and grace. 

Copper and dark blue 

The cool pigment of blue highlighted by copper's rustic warmth is an unconventional yet impactful combination. 

Pairing this combination with antique jewellery pieces will only enhance the grace of your saree.

Reserve this saree for a religious or cultural event to align with the event's mood.  

Combination of any pastel colours 

Pastel colours have only recently started taking the limelight.

However, their assimilation with Banarasi sarees’ centuries-old existence is among the most revolutionary fashion trends. 

Pastel-coloured Banarasi sarees are a perfect fit for all occasions with their aesthetic appeal. 

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Tips on combining colours for Banarasi sarees  

If your creative wheels are turning and you are coming up with your colour combination ideas, you must remember certain tips. These can help you elevate the standards of your outcomes. 

  • Since colours hold emotional and cultural significance, you must pick the shades according to the need of the occasion. 

  • For instance, avoid black and golden for a wedding, as black signifies bad luck in Indian culture. Instead, prefer red and golden, as it aligns with the sentiments of marriage. 

  • Referring to the colour wheel can help you make better, more refined choices for your sarees. Combining various colour theories and schemes can offer balanced and desirable results. 

  • You can experiment with monochromatic, complementary, split complementary, analogous, and triadic themes.  

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To conclude our thoughts, we can say that Banarasi sarees are the most versatile Indian garments.

Although they are among the oldest forms of Indian textiles, their adaptability to fashion trends is commendable.

This article discussed the application of modernised colour combinations to the most iconic sarees of all time. 

Here, the experts of Anvisha have discussed the top 15 most recommended and popular combinations for you to experiment with and try to change your fashion game's trajectory!

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