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Bengalis' enduring love for Banarasi sarees: The Facts

January 20, 2023

India is a beautiful place to be. It is undeniably, one of the most colorful places in the entire world. The heartwarming mix of multiple cultures, traditions, and beliefs makes one deeply rooted in the soil. Being a secular state, the nation relishes different cultures, and people belong to different religions at a gap of every few miles. That is the beauty of India. But no matter the part of the country one belongs to, they are bound to embrace all the cultures and religions. 

We Indians proudly celebrate all festivals and celebrations and love being a part of every other auspicious occasion. Now that you know this beautiful fact, let us move on. Speaking of the vibrant Indian culture, it is hard to miss out on our tradition of wearing sarees. We Indians love our sarees to death and equally love flaunting them. And fairly so, they are too precious! 

One of our favorite sarees has to be the Banarasi sarees. These ethereally gorgeous beauties are truly one of a kind. There is so much that has been said about Banarasi sarees. The unparalleled charm and refined elegance of these true delicacies make them win the hearts of women. When one sets eyes on these sarees, it is hard to keep them off. If you must know, the origin of Banarasi sarees happened in Banaras (Present day Varanasi), and it is how these sarees got their name. 

Banarasi sarees rule the world of Indian fashion. Trends may come and go, but these sarees are here to stay. Just imagine, even after centuries of their origin, their presence is still applauded, and they are widely adored. There is bound to be something special about them, isn’t it? Banarasi sarees, even though being originated in Banaras, are embraced across the country by women of all religions and cultures. But, a few people, in particular, love these sarees to their core, so much so that they have become an inevitable part of their culture and weddings. 

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Bengali Women and Banarasi Sarees - An Everlasting Love Affair

Yes, we are talking about Bengalis. Bengalis and their evergrowing and everlasting love for Banarasi sarees are unbeaten. Yes, these one-of-a-kind sarees are worn all over the globe, but nobody recognized and embraced Banarasi sarees like the Bengalis. Even though they are worn everywhere, West Bengal and Kolkata are two places where you will find beautiful Bengali women in mesmerizing Banarasi sarees. 

Banarasi sarees and Bengalis are rightly defined as lifelong love affairs. Bengali women love their Banarasi sarees so much that they have also become a staple in Bengali weddings. Yes, you will find a traditional Bengali bride, on her big day, in a Banarasi saree. If we are talking about a traditional banarasi for a wedding, the bride will most likely be in a gorgeous and breathtaking red and white Banarasi saree or, lovingly called, a Lal Benaroshi! 

Bengali Culture and Role of Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi sarees and the Bengali culture are a tasteful mix. Bengali culture widely celebrates ancient and age-old traditions, customs, and beliefs. Bengalis place strong belief in their traditions. The fascinating thing about Bengalis, however, is that the Banarasi saree they choose to wear at weddings is the only non-Bengali part of it all. But they have made it their own and how! 

If you are ever lucky to walk in a traditional Bengali wedding, you will have the time of your life. The beautiful traditions they follow, the clothes they wear, and the food they eat are all that have been followed for ages. The best part about a Bengali wedding has to be the bride. A Bong bride is a sight to behold. The red and white Benaroshi saree, the elegant Alta artwork, the Bindis, and the gold ornaments - all together make her an unparalleled beauty. 

Why do Bengali Women Choose Banarasi Sarees Over Others?

Bengali women never leave the Banarasi sarees alone, and they have their reasons! A few of them are mentioned below:

  • A Banarasi saree symbolizes elegance and regalness. The lustrous and shiny surface of these draperies makes their beauty unbeaten. No matter the occasion, Bengali women have different Banarasi sarees for it. 

  • Be it weddings, festive occasions, or other celebrations, Bengali women will be in their Banarasi sarees. In addition, Bengalis love dressing in vibrant and deep hues, so you will find them in red, maroon, hot pink, and orange Banarasi sarees. 

  • Bengali women love accessorizing their Banarasi saree looks. They consider gold auspicious, which is why they adorn themselves with exquisite and fine gold ornaments. 

  • Bong brides who wear Banarasi on their big day also make sure they use it afterward. Yes, that is right! A saree is something that can be used later for other occasions. You do not necessarily have to accessorize the look as much as on the wedding day, but you still look beautifully dolled up!

  • Banarasi sarees are crafted using pure and fine silk. Silk, in itself, is a rich material that is elegant and charming. The gold zari and buta work on these sarees further enhance their magnificence. 

  • Such is the refined elegance of these spellbinding draperies. They are so perfect, gorgeous, and tastefully designed that no matter the occasion, you can flaunt them anywhere and look ethereally decked up!



It is safe to say that, all in all, the Bengalis have it sorted when it comes to decking up for various auspicious occasions, festive celebrations, and wedding festivities. No matter where Bengali women need to go, they never leave their Banarasi sarees behind. Such is their adoration and love for these draperies. They are fiercely loyal and never shy away from flaunting them!


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