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Banarasi Saree Styles: Advice for Your Engagement

January 27, 2023

Have you ever wondered why Banarasi sarees are still in trend centuries after their origin? To state the truth, they have not evolved much with time or technology, which may be why they are relevant even today. Banarasi sarees are those spectacular and intricately-crafted draperies that came into existence centuries ago. 

These delicate beauties are designed with intricate and delicate embroidery and crafted using the softest and highest quality silk. Banarasi sarees have their roots in Banaras/Varanasi, but women from across the globe are fond of them. You have to admit; there is something special about these ethereal beauties that cannot be matched. The grandeur and refined elegance of Banarasi sarees are such that they are an integral part of any Indian bridal couture. Well, that says a lot about these one-of-a-kind sarees.

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Banarasi Sarees: Perfect For Every Occasion

Be it any special occasion or celebration, Indian girls never turn away from the charm of Banarasi sarees. No matter which part of the country you belong to, a Banarasi saree is not hard to find. Do you know the perfect outfit for your engagement other than weddings and festive occasions? Yes, you guessed it! A Banarasi saree never fails to impress, and complements our rich and vibrant culture. 

If you are a bride-to-be and need outfit ideas for your wedding engagement ceremony, a Banarasi saree would look gorgeous. If you need help selecting one, check out these combinations below and styling tips that make you look exceptionally gorgeous. 

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Banarasi Sarees: Styles For Your Engagement Ceremony

Engagement ceremonies in India are one of those first functions that kickstart the other wedding festivities. Weddings in our country are undeniably grand and are also the union of two souls and families. As a bride-to-be, a girl must flaunt her most beautiful self on her engagement. An engagement is an announcement to society that two people are betrothed and engaged to marry. By way of an engagement ceremony, families present and welcome the new addition in the family to society. You must emphasize your outfit as a girl, for you will hold everyone’s gaze as you walk in! 

We stand tall behind our choice of a Banarasi saree for wedding ceremonies so here are some unique and heart-winning tips for you. Pick any of these that resonate with your style and taste the most, and you can thank us later!

Tissue Banarasi Sarees

  • If you wish to flaunt an elegant and modern look, a tissue Banarasi saree is the right choice. The mesmerizingly uneven and tasteful texture of a tissue Banarasi saree is so unique when dolled up beautifully that it looks surreal. You can go for metallic or subtle English colors, including lime green, aqua blue, or salmon pink. Style with a contrasting-color blouse and look magnificent. Let the accessories be on the down-low so your gorgeous tissue Banarasi saree can have its shining moment! Tissue Banarasi sarees are perfect for evening functions.

Shikargah Silk Sarees

  • The charm, elegance, and beauty of a Shikargah Silk saree cannot be matched. The regal designs and embroideries on such sarees are distinctive and eye-catching. Opt for vibrant colors such as hot pink, red, maroon, or purple, and flaunt your regal side. Select a finely embroidered saree and pair it with a same-shaded blouse. Since this overall look is slightly on the traditional side, style classic gold jewelry pieces with it. 

Katan Banarasi Sarees

  • Katan Banarasi sarees are so ethereally stunning and eye-pleasing. The regality they exude is unparalleled. The intricate work and the unique motifs on these delicacies make them everyone’s favorite. These delicacies are best styled with equally embroidered and rich blouses. Whether a wedding or an engagement ceremony, a Katan Banarasi saree is a stunner! If you wish to flaunt a look that has conventional and modern touches, you can pair your saree with a slightly modern, stylishly-cut blouse. 

Brocade Banarasi Sarees

  • If your engagement ceremony is scheduled for winter, a brocade Banarasi saree will look lovely. Opt for lighter hues such as green, blue, or pink if it is a day function. In case of an evening ceremony, you can opt for royal and brighter hues such as magenta, wine, or maroon. Pair your brocade Banarasi saree with a high-neck, full-sleeved, cream-colored blouse to flaunt an exceptionally stylish and classy look. 

Banarasi Sarees: Heart-Winning Color Combinations & Styling Tips

Banarasi sarees are undeniably an essential part of Indian fashion. These gorgeous draperies have been trending ever since their origin. With time, they have not evolved and show traces of modern and conventional fashion. For your engagement ceremony, you can flaunt any look you like. Mentioned below are gorgeous color combinations and styling tips that will make you look drop-dead beautiful for your day!

  • A hot pink Banarasi saree would pull on everyone’s heartstrings for a summer day ceremony. Summer is a time to flaunt vibrant colors and so do not shy away from flaunting such hues and make a beautiful summer engagement bride!

  • You can style the pallu of your Banarasi saree in several ways. You can choose the one that accentuates your body shape the best. 

  • When styling a Banarasi saree, keep the accessories and makeup on the downside. By doing so, you can let your saree shine and not let its beauty be overshadowed. 

  • Another great combination is magenta and yellow. This lovely combination is everyone’s favorite, for it is so unique and tasteful. You can style this classy combination with your hair down and look ethereal. 

  • To flaunt a form-fitting look, wear a shapewear underskirt. This will prevent your saree from getting fluffy and not give you an unpleasant look. 

Final Thoughts

Banarasi sarees are those elegant draperies that never disappoint. If you seek to look finely dolled up for your engagement ceremony, a Banarasi saree would be an ideal choice. Select this one-of-a-kind delicacy for your function from Anvisha, and cherish your look for years to come!

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